Are The Deals Worth It?

We recently ran a Groupon Deal to gain new clients.  Out of 460 sold, we retained about 8 new clients. Hopefully, some of the other 452 will come back again. Currently, there are 12 massage deals running on Groupon for Mobile and Baldwin County.  That is great for the deal seekers.

My reasoning for using a deal site is to try a new product or service. The average 60 minute massage in this area is $70. That is alot of money to take a chance on the service. We now have a new client rate to help with that risk. I have learned that our best advertising comes from our current clients (whom we love dearly for sharing!).

I decided to give one of those aforementioned 12 a try. I would get a massage and check out the competition. Here is my experience (no names will be included).

I have never been to this establishment before, but was looking forward to seeing the inside of what I had only heard about (expecting it to be very nice).

I arrived 10 minutes early for my appointment.  I was asked to take a seat and someone would be right with me. Twenty minutes later (10 after my appointment time), I was escorted back. The door was ajar and I tried to push it open, but it was blocked by the massage table. The room was so small, the door could not properly open. Not good on two accounts- 1) I am a bit large and the opening was not accommodating, 2) if there was an emergency, I would not be able to get out of there easily.

Once in the room, the therapist asked me a couple of health questions.  Not near enough in my opinion.  Health intake forms are required in my office to determine if there are any contraindications to receiving a massage. The room was obviously used for other services as it was quite messy. I was told to NOT put my clothing on the floor. The therapist warned me that they do waxing in the room and there was hair all over the floor. I should have left then.

The therapist left the room for me to undress and get on the table. It took me about 2 minutes to do this. I was in the prone position (face down) but had to prop myself up on my elbows. The place for your face to rest was in the table, covered by a sheet. If I put my face in it, I would have suffocated. After waiting another 10 minutes for her to return, she asked if everything was okay. Umm no, If I lay down correctly, I can’t breathe, Her solution was to remove the sheet- so now I am partially laying on an exposed table that I am sure was not cleaned after the last clients who were either massaged or waxed!! Why am I still there?

The massage finally starts and the routine and pressure were actually decent. I tried to relax, but the other workers in the establishment were very loud and there was no relaxing massage music.

Nearing what I knew was the end of the massage, just biding my time at this point, the door comes slamming open into the table. Person opening the door “oh I’m sorry. I didn’t know anyone was in here”. AARRGGHHH!!!!!

Massage now over, I am getting dressed. Notice the therapists’ license on the wall. At least it was a licensed massage therapist…. or was it??  At the desk she was waiting  so I asked for her card.  She did not have any cards, but told me if I called back to make another appointment to ask for __________ as she was the only massage therapist.  The name she gave me and the name on the license in the room were completely different. There goes the licensed massage therapist idea. Who knows whether or not the person who just massaged me is licensed by the State of Alabama??

Even at a discounted price, I did not get what I paid for (and the time turned out to be a 40, not 60 minute massage).  I should have listened to the red flags going off in my head and left before it started.

I just don’t understand why price is more important than quality to some people. Massage is not just a spoil- me -treatment.  It is beneficial to your health (if you go to the right place). I needed a drink after that experience to calm down!

Alas, I will continue to run my business as I always have and the right people will find me. I am no longer worried about the competition.

When picking any professional service provider, professionalism and cleanliness will always trump price for me personally.






Posted in 2013.