I Love My Job

Do you ever wonder why a person chooses to become a Massage Therapist?  It may seem like an easy job in a relaxing atmosphere. The atmosphere part would be right.

I got a job with the USPS when I was 19 years old.  I thought I had it made. A government job with benefits and I didn’t even need a college degree!  I started out working in mail processing. I, like most people, didn’t know that mail people worked at night.  Well they do, and I did for a good 10 years.  I hated it. I finally got a day position as a replacement clerk for the local post offices.  It was nice at first, but it slowly got to me. I never knew where I would be working or the hours I would be working from week to week. Finally, I lucked up and got a job at the Cottage Hill Post Office.  To this day, I still have people say I look so familiar. I run through the list of where they might know me from and when I hit the post office – Bam! that’s it.  Fortunately,, I was nice to people and  left a good impression, despite the depression I had fallen into. I HATED my job!!  I wanted out so bad, but who leaves a government job. I soon came to the realization that I would be one of those people that went postal if I didn’t make a change.  I quit after 18 years ( you can only retire after 20 years if you are at least 55 years old – I was not going to make that!).

I had to find another job and as I was contemplating applying at Wally World, I heard a commercial for a local massage school.  My husband had been giving me gift certificates for massages over the years and I loved getting them, perhaps I would like giving them. My first week in school, I was hooked.  I wished I had done this sooner – I had found my calling.

Upon graduating, I knew I wanted to run my own business – my way. The perfect office was pointed out to me and I took the plunge. It was rough at first, learning how to run a business and market myself. The massage part was easy. Then the economy started taking a turn for the worse. Luckily, I have been able to stay in this business, despite the tough economy.

Massage is an up and down business. When you’re busy – you are looking for that day off. Then when it slows down, you are scrambling to make sure you have enough appointments scheduled to meet the monthly bills.  It is also a very physically draining job.  I learned that I can do 4 massages a day max…. I will only fit in one more if there is an “emergency”.  My classmates who graduated and went to work in the Spas are no longer in the business because they were burnt out or injured from doing 8-10 massages a day. I want to do this job a long time, so I learned to pace myself.

I love my job.  I think it shows in my work as I am often complimented. Loving what I do has allowed me to stay in business and be successful.

Thank you to all my clients who allow me to have a career that I love! – Cynde

Posted in 2013.